Best Invention…. Ever!

Edge Brownie PanSo, I’m shopping… on the internet, as I’m likely to do so close to Christmas, and I fall in love with, quite possibly, the world’s best invention ever. This is one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments…because it totally fits me! Well, for me, at least - because I happen to be one of those brownie edge lovers.

You know.. you make a pan of brownies and it’s the outside edge pieces that draw you in. With those edge pieces, you get the best of both worlds, really - - the warm, soft, moist middle part of the brownie - - and then the kind of crisp, chewy, harder part of the edge.

This pan, called, appropriately, the Edge Brownie Pan, I found on Amazon and it’s so perfect in its simplicity and solves all the problems in my own personal brownie universe! How clever. No more fighting for the edge, people! This is a breakthrough… and a minor miracle. What can I say… I’m easy to please ….. mostly.